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Events Calendar

Red/White/Pink Day

Grade 8 Grad Photo's

Confirmation Mass/Meeting

Fresh From the Farm Fundraiser

Meet the Teacher/BBQ/Book Fair

Parent Council Meeting

Monthly Milk Programs begins

School Friday Pizza Orders go home

Soccer Tournament

Grade 3/4 Norfolk County Fair

School Friday Pizza Orders Due back

Immunization - Our Lady of Fatima

Dental Screening JK/SK/2

Picture Retake Day

OLOF Cross Country

Sara Westbrook Presentation

ELKP - 4 Trip Lighthouse Theatre

Gr. 5-8 Trip Lighthouse Theatre

Backus Mills Gr. 2-4

Gr. 7/8 Caressant Care Pumpkin Painting

Daylight Saving Time ends

October Month End Assembly

Gr 7/8 to 'Fatty Legs' Presentation

Fresh From the Farm Pick Up

Fresh From the Farm Pick Up

Progress Reports Go Home

Remembrance Day Assembly

Parent/Teacher Interviews

Dec/Jan Pizza orders go home

Trinity Visit to Gr. 7/8

Dec/Jan Pizza Orders due

Parent Council Meeting

Holy Trinity Concert Band

Gr. 7/8 Menactra Pkg's go home

"Wonder" Movie Broadway Theatre Gr. 5-8

Advent School Mass

School Christmas Lunch

Gr. 7/8 Menactra Pkg's due to school

Red/Green/Bell Day

Christmas Hat Day

Christmas Concert

Christmas Sock Day

Christmas Tie Day

Caressant Care Carolling Gr. 5-8

Christmas Sweater/Shirt Day

Welcome Back to School

Skating for JK-Gr. 4

PA DAY - no school

Immunization - Our Lady of Fatima

Gr. 7/8 Menactra Injections

Parent Council Meeting

Twin/Triplet Day

Gr. 5/6 Scientist in the Classroom

Basketball Tournament @ Holy Trinity

Skating Gr. 5-8 Delhi Arena

Reportcards Go Home

Red/White/Pink Day

Shrove Tuesday Pancakes

School Mass Sacred Heart Church

Family Day NO SCHOOL

Cinnabon Orders Due to the school

Reaching Out Campaign - Canned Goods

Scientist In The Classroom - Gr. 5/6

Pizza Orders go home

Reaching Out Campaign - Toothbrushes/Toothpaste

Green Day/Green Lunch (litterless)

Pizza Orders due to the School

Cinnabon Pick up Orders

Apps Mills FSL

Easter Door Decorate/Egg Hunt

Good Friday no school

Volleyball Tournament

1st Communion Retreat

CCAT Testing Grade 2

March Month End Assembly

1st Reconciliation

Jersey/Sports Theme Day

CCAT Testing Grade 2

Lunch with the Principal

CCAT Testing Grade 2

Parent Council Meeting

Volunteer Breakfast

Backus Mills Gr. 5-8

Gr. 8 Grad Meeting with Parents

Gr. 3 Dictionary Presentation

Scientist in School Gr. 7/8

Student Art on Display Eva Brook Museum

Scientist in School Gr. 7/8

Star Wars Theme Day

Gr. 5/6 Eva Brook Donly

Lunch With the Principal

School Liturgy for Catholic Education Week

Catholic Leadership Awards Night

Arts Night Sanderson Center

Open House BBQ/Faith Fair

Immunization - Our Lady of Fatima

Gr. 7/8 HEP/HPV #2

Gr. 7/8 Gauss Math Test

Math Info and Games Night

Gr. 8/SK Grad Photo's

Gr. 5/6 Scientists in the Class

LAST Friday Pizza for 2018

ELKP/1 Trip to Clovermeade

Social Justice Team to Brebeuf

LAST Milk Day for 2018

Track & Field Holy Trinity Gr. 4-8

Month End Assembly

Gr. 7/8 Eco Adventures Long Point

Gr. 7/8 Destination College

PA Day No School

Scientist in School Gr. 5/6

Track & Field Meet Holy Trinity

Parent Council Meeting

Year End Mass @ OLOF

K/1 Scientists in the Classroom

Grade 7/8 Graduation

Gr. 5/6 trip Laser Tag

Kindergarten Year End Celebration

Gr. 7/8 Techxploration

Gr. 2/3 & 3/4 Class Trip

Report Cards go Home

School Talent Show

Water Activity Day



Advent School Mass

Grade 2/3 Backus Mill

Haldimand-Norfolk Cross Country

Picture Retake Day

Little Mermaid Play Lighthouse Theatre

MADD Class Presentations

Remembrance Day Sevice

Immunization - Our Lady of Fatima

Gr 8 Day Visit to Holy Trinity

Advent School Confessions

Confirmation Rehersal Sacred Heart Church

Confirmation Rehearsal Sacred Heart Church

Luch with the Principal

Confirmation Sacred Heart Church

School Christmas Lunch

Annual School Christmas Lunch

Advent School Mass

Gr. 7/8 Caressant Care Carolling

New Year's Day

Welcome Back to School

Gr. 4/5 Scientist in the Class

Immunization - Our Lady of Fatima

Gr. 8 & Sk Grad picture day

Immunization - Our Lady of Fatima

Haldimand-Norfolk Track and Field