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Events Calendar

Red/White/Pink Day

Grade 8 Grad Photo's

Confirmation Mass/Meeting

Fresh From the Farm Fundraiser

Meet the Teacher/BBQ/Book Fair

Parent Council Meeting

Monthly Milk Programs begins

School Friday Pizza Orders go home

Soccer Tournament

Grade 3/4 Norfolk County Fair

School Friday Pizza Orders Due back

Immunization - Our Lady of Fatima

Dental Screening JK/SK/2

Picture Retake Day

OLOF Cross Country

Sara Westbrook Presentation

ELKP - 4 Trip Lighthouse Theatre

Gr. 5-8 Trip Lighthouse Theatre

Backus Mills Gr. 2-4

Gr. 7/8 Caressant Care Pumpkin Painting

Daylight Saving Time ends

October Month End Assembly

Gr 7/8 to 'Fatty Legs' Presentation

Fresh From the Farm Pick Up

Fresh From the Farm Pick Up

Progress Reports Go Home

Remembrance Day Assembly

Parent/Teacher Interviews

Dec/Jan Pizza orders go home

Trinity Visit to Gr. 7/8

Dec/Jan Pizza Orders due

Parent Council Meeting

Holy Trinity Concert Band

Gr. 7/8 Menactra Pkg's go home

"Wonder" Movie Broadway Theatre Gr. 5-8

Advent School Mass

School Christmas Lunch

Gr. 7/8 Menactra Pkg's due to school

Red/Green/Bell Day

Christmas Hat Day

Christmas Concert

Christmas Sock Day

Christmas Tie Day

Caressant Care Carolling Gr. 5-8

Christmas Sweater/Shirt Day

Skating for JK-Gr. 4

PA DAY - no school

Immunization - Our Lady of Fatima

Gr. 7/8 Menactra Injections

Parent Council Meeting

Twin/Triplet Day

Gr. 5/6 Scientist in the Classroom

Basketball Tournament @ Holy Trinity

Skating Gr. 5-8 Delhi Arena

Reportcards Go Home

Red/White/Pink Day

Shrove Tuesday Pancakes

School Mass Sacred Heart Church

Family Day NO SCHOOL

Cinnabon Orders Due to the school

Reaching Out Campaign - Canned Goods

Scientist In The Classroom - Gr. 5/6

Pizza Orders go home

Reaching Out Campaign - Toothbrushes/Toothpaste

Green Day/Green Lunch (litterless)

Pizza Orders due to the School

Cinnabon Pick up Orders

Apps Mills FSL

Easter Door Decorate/Egg Hunt

Good Friday no school

Volleyball Tournament

1st Communion Retreat

CCAT Testing Grade 2

March Month End Assembly

1st Reconciliation

Jersey/Sports Theme Day

CCAT Testing Grade 2

Lunch with the Principal

CCAT Testing Grade 2

Parent Council Meeting

Volunteer Breakfast

Backus Mills Gr. 5-8

Gr. 8 Grad Meeting with Parents

Gr. 3 Dictionary Presentation

Scientist in School Gr. 7/8

Student Art on Display Eva Brook Museum

Scientist in School Gr. 7/8

Star Wars Theme Day

Gr. 5/6 Eva Brook Donly

Lunch With the Principal

School Liturgy for Catholic Education Week

Catholic Leadership Awards Night

Arts Night Sanderson Center

Open House BBQ/Faith Fair

Immunization - Our Lady of Fatima

Gr. 7/8 HEP/HPV #2

Gr. 7/8 Gauss Math Test

Math Info and Games Night

Gr. 8/SK Grad Photo's

Gr. 5/6 Scientists in the Class

LAST Friday Pizza for 2018

ELKP/1 Trip to Clovermeade

Social Justice Team to Brebeuf

LAST Milk Day for 2018

Track & Field Holy Trinity Gr. 4-8

Month End Assembly

Gr. 7/8 Eco Adventures Long Point

Gr. 7/8 Destination College

PA Day No School

Scientist in School Gr. 5/6

Track & Field Meet Holy Trinity

Parent Council Meeting

Year End Mass @ OLOF

K/1 Scientists in the Classroom

Grade 7/8 Graduation

Gr. 5/6 trip Laser Tag

Kindergarten Year End Celebration

Gr. 7/8 Techxploration

Gr. 2/3 & 3/4 Class Trip

Report Cards go Home

School Talent Show

Water Activity Day



Thanksgiving - No School

Haldimand-Norfolk Cross Country

Picture Retake Day

Haldimand-Norfolk Cross Country Cancellation Date

Immunization - Our Lady of Fatima

New Year's Day

Immunization - Our Lady of Fatima

Ash Wednesday - Mass at school

Good Friday - No School

Gr. 8 & Sk Grad picture day

Immunization - Our Lady of Fatima

Haldimand-Norfolk Track and Field